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CHP2 - First Farmers: the Agricultural Revolution!
Wednesday, February 02, 2011
A.P. world history course outline: Strayer
(pages: 35-54, years: 10,000-3,000B.C.)
1. What accounts for the emergence of agriculture after countless millennia of human life without it? That is, was the Agricultural Revolution inevitable? And why did it occur so late in the story of humankind?
2. In what different ways did the Agricultural Revolution take shape in various parts of the world and why was it different in various places?
3. In what ways did agriculture spread? Where and why was it sometimes resisted?
4. What was so "revolutionary" about the Agricultural Revolution?
5. What different kinds of societies emerged out of the Agricultural Revolution that did not exist before it?
6. How did chiefdoms differ from stateless agricultural village societies?
7. How did early agricultural societies differ from those of the Paleolithic era? How does the example of settled gathering and hunting peoples such as the Chumash complicate this comparison?
8. “The Agricultural Revolution provides evidence for ‘progress’ in human affairs.” How would you evaluate this statement?