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CHP3 - First Civilizations: Cities, States, etc.
Friday, February 04, 2011
A.P. world history course outline: Strayer
(pages: 55-85, years: 3500-500B.C.)
1. When and where did the First Civilizations emerge and WHY did they emerge where they did?
2. What accounts for the initial breakthroughs to civilization?
3. What was the role of cities in early civilizations?
4. In what ways was social inequality expressed in early civilizations?
5. In what ways have historians tried to explain the origins of patriarchy? Which theory do you think most correctly explains it and WHY?
6. How did Mesopotamian and Egyptian patriarchy differ from each other?
7. What were the sources of state authority in the First Civilizations?
8. In what ways did Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations differ from each other?
9. In what ways were Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations shaped by their interactions with near and distant neighbors?
10. What distinguished “civilizations” from other forms of human community?
11. How does the use of the term “civilization” by historians differ from that of popular usage? How do you use the term?
12. “Civilizations were held together largely by force.” Do you agree with this assessment, or were there other mechanisms of integration as well?
12. In the development of the First Civilizations, what was gained for humankind, and what was lost?