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CHP8 - Commerce and Culture
Tuesday, February 15, 2011
A.P. world history course outline: Strayer
(pages: 208-240, years: 500-1500)
1. What lay behind the emergence of Silk Road commerce, and what kept it going for so many centuries? What made silk such a highly desired commodity across Eurasia? What were the major economic, social, and cultural consequences of Silk Road commerce? What was the impact of disease along the Silk Road?
2. What accounted for the spread of Buddhism along the Silk Road?
3. How did the operation of the Indian Ocean trading network differ from that of the Silk Roads?
4. What lay behind the flourishing of Indian Ocean commerce in the postclassical millennium? What is the relationship between the rise of Srivijaya and the world of Indian Ocean commerce? What was the role of Swahili civilization in the world of Indian Ocean commerce?
5. What changes did trans-Saharan trade bring to West Africa?
6. In what ways did networks of interaction in the Western Hemisphere differ from those in the Eastern Hemisphere?
7. In general what motivated and sustained the long-distance commerce of the Silk Roads, Sea Roads, and Sand Roads? COMPARE!
8. Why did the Eastern Hemisphere develop long-distance trade more extensively than did the societies of the Western Hemisphere?
9. In what ways did commercial exchange foster other changes?
10. In what ways was Afro-Eurasia a single interacting zone, and in what respects was it a vast region of separate cultures and civilizations?