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colonialism poetry exercise
Friday, March 11, 2011
A.P. colonialism poetry exercise.doc
YOUR TASK (20 points) for 2 page minimum:
• To use poetry to help brainstorm your thoughts on colonialism, slavery, and exploitation of colonized peoples.
o Write your own poem / song (or several short poems / songs) about colonialism, the “civilizing mission” or “white man’s burden” of colonizers, or colonized peoples’ experiences of slavery and exploitation. That is, your poem could be a creatively critical response to Kipling, or a response to one of the other poems.
o After completing at least a page of your own original poetry, you will respond directly to Kipling’s poem using prose and / or analyze the meaning of his poem! You will write at least a one page response / critique / analysis.
• NO, you do not have to rhyme, or write in any particular style, and the message and meaning for your poem(s) are up to you as long as you express something clearly related to the topic and appropriate.