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Breast Cancer Awareness Lecture - Extra Credit Opp
Wednesday, October 12, 2011
- Healthy Conversations - Breast Cancer Awareness – This health lecture series, sponsored by LonePeak/St. Mark’s Med. Ctr., is free and open to the public at 6:00pm in the Little Theater at Juan Diego Catholic High School, 300 E 11800 S, Draper. Dr. C. Reese Davis and Dr. Ian Cavin will talk about breast cancer awareness at this evening’s seminar. Space limited, call 801.268.7940 to reserve seats.

I will be generous and give you an opportunity for extra credit. There are 3 opportunities over the next month that will be beneficial for you. They are presentations on breast cancer and orthopedic injuries. Please see your email for details. I will give you up to 10 extra credit points if you come to the presentations, check in with me (yes I will be at all 3) and write a few paragraphs about what you learned, how it relates to A and P, and how/if it helped you in A and P. You can email it to me, but I must receive your reflection within 2 days of the presentation or you will not get your points. These presentations are free and hopefully they won't interfere with class schedules - if they do please let me know ASAP.

You can come to all 3 presentations, however you are only allowed 1 for extra credit. Meaning... no you may not write 3 papers and get 30 points extra credit.